About Us



Fabric Career

Managing a well-established webbing product factory, I have been working in webbing product industry for more than 15 years. I use the sewing machines a lot, always develop different kinds of products, offering high quality finished products to different famous brands around the world, thanks for which, I have gained rich knowledge in materal and textile product process.


The Beginning of EASYLOCK

Our story about EASYLOCK began with several words said by my child 5 years ago.


In career I am a webbing products developer, and in daily life I am a big pets lover. In my family, my wife and I, my parents and kids, we all love cats and dogs. Rescue and adoption is always a part of our life. The 7 cats and 3 dogs we are keeping now were all from the street. In order to keep their health, we will walk our 3 dogs everyday. My parents and kids are always happy to do it. However, for my kids, it is not easy for them to help the dogs to wear the harness and especially difficult for them to buckle up the leash and harness.


Therefore, she was jokingly complaining: “Dad, you are always developing something, so can you create something that I can just one flip to lock? It will be much easier for grandma and grandpa also me for walking our dogs everyday.”


One flip to lock. I rushed back to start designing about this product~not just one flip to lock, but also one hand to release


Countless Tries and Improvements


After 3 Years of researches and tests, I finally finished the prototype of EASYLOCK! To ensure it can bare enough force, we have tested more then 100 materials about the metal and plastic and finally now the fifth type of our magnetic EASYLOCK system which is small, light and L size can bare the force of 600KG.


The magnetic EASYLOCK system is not the only thing we concerned about, wearing methods, materials and functions are all our priorities. Thanks to years of experience in fabric products, the continuous wearing tests of our and our friends’dogs,we are finally happy about our EASYLOCK products -- magnetic dog harness, collar and leash that are friendly to dogs and their owners, and can meet almost all the needs of daily dog walking.


Holding the purpose of making your daily pet keeping life easier, we would not stop at EASYLOCK magnetic dog harness, leash and collar, but will continue to develop more particle pet products.