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      EASY LOCK innovative design of pet-leash is a new breakthrough. The world’s first automatic magnetic buckle system. The function of 360 degree automatic magnetic lock. Single hand operation. Ease on handling. Quick and convenient. EASY LOCK is made of aluminum alloy hook and stainless steel mushroom head, which makes it sturdy and durable. As you use it, you don’t need to operate with both hands. All you need to do is get the male buckle close to the female one. They will automatically and magnetically buckle up while locking at the same time. Your pet is quickly safe and secured. The unlock process is also quick and easy. Push the two buttons on the sides of male buckle and pull up with single hand to easily and quickly unlock. No matter adults, children or elders, no one will have trouble using it. You will be able to take your buckled-up dog for a walk and unlock in a relaxed and easy manner. It is an intimate design like never before. 

      The EASY LOCK has also applied for multi-country invention patent certification for this design. It is the new chapter of the pet supplies development, which starts the new and convenient life experience for pets and pet-owners.